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Nicolas Mahut


Grigor DimitrovvsNicolas Mahut
1991-05-16 (26)Age(36) 1982-01-21
190 cm.Height190 cm.
80 kg.Weight80 kg.
2008Turned Pro2000
Daniel VallverduCoachThierry Ascione and Nicolas Escude

Matches statistics

Minutes on court: 548'110'
Single set average time: 45.7'
Sets played: 122.4
Tie-breaks played: 61.2
DimitrovNicolas Mahut
Number of aces: 4728
Number of double faults: 1413
Average Number of aces: 9.45.6
Average Number of double faults: 2.82.6
DimitrovNicolas Mahut
First serve (percents)61.0%65.5%
First serve points won82.4%68.1%
Second serve points won57.9%49.5%
First serve return points won31.9%17.6%
Second serve return points won50.5%42.1%
Break Points Opportunities4122
Break Points Converted31.7% (13)27.3% (6)
Break Points Faced2241
Break Points Saved72.7% (16)68.3% (28)

Single match details

ValueTournamentRoundNicolas Mahut
Fastest Win: 66'Brisbane (2017)R16Nicolas Mahut
Slowest Win: 147'Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut
Fastest Loss: 131'Orleans (2010)FNicolas Mahut
Slowest Loss: 131'Orleans (2010)FNicolas Mahut
Most Aces: 17Orleans (2010)FNicolas Mahut
Most Double Faults: 7Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut
Best 1st Serve: 69.89%Orleans (2010)FNicolas Mahut
Worst 1st Serve: 53.42%Cherbourg (2011)FNicolas Mahut
Best 1st Serve Points Won: 92.59%Brisbane (2017)R16Nicolas Mahut
Worst 1st Serve Points Won: 74.36%Cherbourg (2011)FNicolas Mahut
Best 2nd Serve Points Won: 63.64%London Queen's Club (2012)R16Nicolas Mahut
Worst 2nd Serve Points Won: 48.98%Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut
Best 1st Serve Return Points Won: 41.07%London Queen's Club (2012)R16Nicolas Mahut
Worst 1st Serve Return Points Won: 26.03%Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut
Best 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 73.33%Brisbane (2017)R16Nicolas Mahut
Worst 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 27.59%London Queen's Club (2012)R16Nicolas Mahut
Most Break Points Opportunities: 14London Queen's Club (2012)R16Nicolas Mahut
Most Break Points Converted: 4Cherbourg (2011)FNicolas Mahut
Most Break Points Faced: 8Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut
Most Break Points Saved: 5Istanbul (2009)R32Nicolas Mahut