Ranking: #4
Best: #3

Grand Slam

Grand Slam tournaments in 2013

Total tournaments participated on : 4
Matches played: 6 (2 - 4)
Number of titles won: 0
Number of runner-up times: 0
Total points earned : 155
Number of tournaments with no points earned : 0

Grand Slam tournaments performance - season 2013

List of Grand Slam tournaments Grigor Dimitrov participated in season 2013.

TournamentR128R64R32A / DF

Australian Open

[41] - 2013-01-14

Points: 10 - A$27,600

--5 / 1

Roland Garros

[28] - 2013-05-27

Points: 90 - €60,000

-5 / 5


[31] - 2013-06-24

Points: 45 - £38,000

-37 / 8

US Open

[29] - 2013-08-26

Points: 10 - $32,000

--13 / 7

Matches statistics

Minutes on court: 815'136'
Single set average time: 37.0'
Sets played: 223.7
Tie-breaks played: 20.3
Number of aces: 6037
Number of double faults: 2114
Average Number of aces: 10.06.2
Average Number of double faults: 3.52.3
First serve (percents)63.2%60.5%
First serve points won72.2%75%
Second serve points won52.6%49.3%
First serve return points won25.0%27.8%
Second serve return points won50.7%47.4%
Break Points Opportunities6150
Break Points Converted32.8% (20)46% (23)
Break Points Faced5061
Break Points Saved54.0% (27)67.2% (41)

Single match details

Fastest Win: 82'Wimbledon R128Simone Bolelli
Slowest Win: 108'Roland Garros R64Lucas Pouille
Fastest Loss: 104'Roland Garros R32Novak Djokovic
Slowest Loss: 244'Wimbledon R64Grega Zemlja
Most Aces: 22Wimbledon R64Grega Zemlja
Most Double Faults: 7US Open R128Joao Sousa
Best 1st Serve: 73.02%Wimbledon R128Simone Bolelli
Worst 1st Serve: 48.91%Roland Garros R64Lucas Pouille
Best 1st Serve Points Won: 93.48%Wimbledon R128Simone Bolelli
Worst 1st Serve Points Won: 55.56%Australian Open R128Julien Benneteau
Best 2nd Serve Points Won: 61.70%Roland Garros R64Lucas Pouille
Worst 2nd Serve Points Won: 34.62%Roland Garros R32Novak Djokovic
Best 1st Serve Return Points Won: 36.73%Roland Garros R64Lucas Pouille
Worst 1st Serve Return Points Won: 14.89%Australian Open R128Julien Benneteau
Best 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 62.86%Wimbledon R128Simone Bolelli
Worst 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 42.17%Wimbledon R64Grega Zemlja
Most Break Points Opportunities: 18Wimbledon R64Grega Zemlja
Most Break Points Converted: 6US Open R128Joao Sousa
Most Break Points Faced: 16Roland Garros R32Novak Djokovic
Most Break Points Saved: 9Roland Garros R32Novak Djokovic