Ranking: #5
Best: #3


Challenger tournaments

Total tournaments participated on : 42
Matches played: 101 (61 - 40)
Number of titles won: 4
Number of runner-up times: 1
Total points earned : 625
Number of tournaments with no points earned : 21

Challenger tournaments performance timeline

List of Challenger tournaments Grigor Dimitrov participated and his best achivements per tournament. Participations are shown in brackets.

Sofia (2)R32R320-2
Segovia (2)R32Q5-2
Aachen (2)R32R320-2
Eckental (2)R32R320-2
Besancon (1)R320-1
Bangkok (2)R16F6-1
Khorat (1)R320-1
Rhodes (2)R32Q20-2
Ramat Hasharon (2)R32R322-2
Cremona (2)QR165-2
Nottingham (2)QQ14-3
Recanati (1)Q20-1
Istanbul (1)R161-1
Genova (1)R320-1
Todi (1)R320-1
Trnava (1)R161-1
Kolding (1)R320-1
Charlottesville (1)R161-1
Knoxville (1)R320-2
Noumea (1)Q2-1
Honolulu (1)R163-1
Dallas (1)R320-1
Marburg (1)S6-1
Braunschweig (1)Q21-1
Geneva (1)F5-0
Bangkok-2 (1)F4-0
Rennes (1)R161-1
Orleans (1)F4-1
Helsinki (1)S3-1
Cherbourg (1)F5-0
Sarajevo (1)R320-1
Prague (2)R16R162-2
Double Faults1292152244284

Opponents details

Number ofTotal(W-L)
Matches played: 101(61-40)
Matches against top 10 players: 0(0-0)
Matches against top 20 players: 0(0-0)
Matches against top 100 players: 9(4-5)
Matches against out of top 100 players: 86(51-35)
Matches against not ranked players: 6(6-0)
Matches against higher ranked players: 59(32-27)
Matches against lower ranked players: 42(29-13)
Matches against younger players: 2(2-0)

Matches statistics

Minutes on court: 8639'93'
Single set average time: 36.6'
Sets played: 2362.3
Tie-breaks played: 450.4
Number of aces: 586397
Number of double faults: 284304
Average Number of aces: 6.34.3
Average Number of double faults: 3.13.3
First serve (percents)61.5%60.2%
First serve points won75.4%69.2%
Second serve points won52.2%49.7%
First serve return points won30.8%24.6%
Second serve return points won50.3%47.8%
Break Points Opportunities606498
Break Points Converted38.9% (236)35.3% (176)
Break Points Faced498606
Break Points Saved64.7% (322)61.1% (370)

Single match details

Fastest Win: 36'Segovia (2009)Q1Jose Eugenio Martinez-Alcalde
Slowest Win: 149'Helsinki (2010)R16Konstantin Kravchuk
Fastest Loss: 52'Eckental (2008)R32Dieter Kindlmann
Slowest Loss: 144'Charlottesville (2009)R16Michael Russell
Most Aces: 23Orleans (2010)SMichael Llodra
Most Double Faults: 12Eckental (2010)R32Ilija Bozoljac
Best 1st Serve: 77.55%Bangkok (2010)FKonstantin Kravchuk
Worst 1st Serve: 47.06%Rhodes (2009)R32Benjamin Becker
Best 1st Serve Points Won: 100.00%Segovia (2009)Q1Jose Eugenio Martinez-Alcalde
Worst 1st Serve Points Won: 55.26%Noumea (2010)QDavid Guez
Best 2nd Serve Points Won: 80.00%Segovia (2009)Q1Jose Eugenio Martinez-Alcalde
Worst 2nd Serve Points Won: 17.39%Eckental (2008)R32Dieter Kindlmann
Best 1st Serve Return Points Won: 70.00%Segovia (2009)Q1Jose Eugenio Martinez-Alcalde
Worst 1st Serve Return Points Won: 5.56%Eckental (2008)R32Dieter Kindlmann
Best 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 82.35%Marburg (2010)R32Sebastian Rieschick
Worst 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 20.00%Bangkok (2010)FKonstantin Kravchuk
Most Break Points Opportunities: 17Honolulu (2010)Q2Joel Lindner
Most Break Points Converted: 6Geneva (2010)FPablo Andujar
Most Break Points Faced: 17Prague (2012)R16Aljaz Bedene
Most Break Points Saved: 14Prague (2011)R32Stephane Robert