Ranking: #12
Best: #8

500 Series

500 Series tournaments in 2017

The ATP World Tour 500 series is the third highest tier of men's tennis tournament after the four Grand Slam tournaments, and the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. The series includes 13 tournaments, with a number of 500 rankings points to win for the events' singles champions – which accounts for the name of the series.

Tournaments have various draws of 32, 48 and 56 for singles. It is mandatory for leading players to enter at least four 500 events, including at least one after the US Open; if they play fewer than four, or fail to play in one after the US Open they get a "zero" score towards their world ranking for each one short. (Wikipedia)

Total tournaments participated on : 1
Matches played: 3 (2 - 1)
Number of titles won: 0
Number of runner-up times: 0
Total points earned : 90
Number of tournaments with no points earned : 0

500 Series tournaments performance - season 2017

List of 500 Series tournaments Grigor Dimitrov participated in season 2017.

TournamentR32R16QA / DF


[12] - 2017-02-14

Points: 90 - €46,620

25 / 9

Matches statistics

Minutes on court: 345'115'
Single set average time: 43.1'
Sets played: 82.7
Tie-breaks played: 20.7
Number of aces: 2510
Number of double faults: 94
Average Number of aces: 8.33.3
Average Number of double faults: 3.01.3
First serve (percents)73.1%59.3%
First serve points won75.3%70.9%
Second serve points won46.6%40.8%
First serve return points won29.1%24.7%
Second serve return points won59.2%53.4%
Break Points Opportunities2921
Break Points Converted31.0% (9)19% (4)
Break Points Faced2129
Break Points Saved81.0% (17)69% (20)

Single match details

Fastest Win: 93'Rotterdam R16Denis Istomin
Slowest Win: 115'Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Fastest Loss: 137'Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Slowest Loss: 137'Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Most Aces: 11Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Most Double Faults: 4Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Best 1st Serve: 76.53%Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Worst 1st Serve: 68.27%Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Best 1st Serve Points Won: 85.11%Rotterdam R16Denis Istomin
Worst 1st Serve Points Won: 67.61%Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Best 2nd Serve Points Won: 56.52%Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Worst 2nd Serve Points Won: 39.39%Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Best 1st Serve Return Points Won: 35.14%Rotterdam R16Denis Istomin
Worst 1st Serve Return Points Won: 25.00%Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Best 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 69.23%Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Worst 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 48.48%Rotterdam R16Denis Istomin
Most Break Points Opportunities: 13Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Most Break Points Converted: 4Rotterdam R32Mischa Zverev
Most Break Points Faced: 13Rotterdam QDavid Goffin
Most Break Points Saved: 11Rotterdam QDavid Goffin