Ranking: #4
Best: #3

Slovak Republic

Trnava tournaments

Tournaments location is:   Slovak Republic

Total tournaments participated on : 1
Matches played: 2 (1 - 1)
Number of titles won: 0
Number of runner-up times: 0
Total points earned : 8
Number of tournaments with no points earned : 0

SeasonRankingDateCourt Type / SurfacePlayersMatchesPointsPrize Money
2009 (CH)2902009-09-21Outdoor / Clay3228€1,100

Trnava tournaments performance

List of Trnava tournaments Grigor Dimitrov participated.

SeasonR32R16A / DF
200911 / 5

Tournaments performance timeline

Trnava (1)R161-1
Double Faults5

Opponents details

Number ofTotal(W-L)
Matches played: 2(1-1)
Matches against top 10 players: 0(0-0)
Matches against top 20 players: 0(0-0)
Matches against top 100 players: 0(0-0)
Matches against out of top 100 players: 2(1-1)
Matches against not ranked players: 0(0-0)
Matches against higher ranked players: 2(1-1)
Matches against lower ranked players: 0(0-0)
Matches against younger players: 0(0-0)

Matches statistics

Minutes on court: 122'61'
Single set average time: 30.5'
Sets played: 42.0
Tie-breaks played: 00.0
Number of aces: 113
Number of double faults: 511
Average Number of aces: 5.51.5
Average Number of double faults: 2.55.5
First serve (percents)61.0%62.7%
First serve points won75.8%69.3%
Second serve points won57.4%39.3%
First serve return points won30.7%24.2%
Second serve return points won60.7%42.6%
Break Points Opportunities85
Break Points Converted62.5% (5)60% (3)
Break Points Faced58
Break Points Saved40.0% (2)37.5% (3)

Single match details

Fastest Win: 55'Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Slowest Win: 55'Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Fastest Loss: 67'Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Slowest Loss: 67'Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Most Aces: 7Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Most Double Faults: 3Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Best 1st Serve: 61.11%Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Worst 1st Serve: 60.98%Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Best 1st Serve Points Won: 88.00%Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Worst 1st Serve Points Won: 63.64%Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Best 2nd Serve Points Won: 62.50%Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Worst 2nd Serve Points Won: 52.38%Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Best 1st Serve Return Points Won: 38.10%Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Worst 1st Serve Return Points Won: 23.26%Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Best 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 71.43%Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Worst 2nd Serve Return Points Won: 50.00%Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Most Break Points Opportunities: 5Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Most Break Points Converted: 4Trnava (2009)R32Kamil Capkovic
Most Break Points Faced: 5Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek
Most Break Points Saved: 2Trnava (2009)R16Jan Hajek

Trnava, Slovak Republic, 2009-09-21, Outdoor: Clay, Players: 32

R16Jan Hajek (CZE)120L 3-6, 4-667'4 / 261%64%52%
R32Kamil Capkovic (SVK)212W 6-3, 6-055'7 / 361%88%63%

Points: 8, Ranking: 290, Prize Money: €1,100